2 reviews of Locked in Steel

Reviews of male chastity belts and devices

2 reviews of Locked in Steel

Postby John R Starvele » 22 Jan 2011, 20:54

Two critical reviews of Locked in Steel by unhappy customers at altair boy.


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Re: 2 reviews of Locked in Steel

Postby virginitysaving » 06 Feb 2011, 01:39

I assume most of male belts have those "fitting issues" due the anatomy. Hence the reality might be far away from expectations.
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Re: 2 reviews of Locked in Steel

Postby Admin » 10 Feb 2011, 23:56

Is there no positive reviews as well? I would be nice to post those as well to be fair to Locked In Steel. I am sure that they also have many satisfied costumers. (Satisfied is perhaps the wrong word to use.)
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Re: 2 reviews of Locked in Steel

Postby xilefc » 21 Jun 2013, 02:51

By way of introduction, I got my 1st CB in the early 1990s and have had a succession of full stainless steel belts (currently in a My-Steel Transformation Belt). I have written a number of articles and stories about chastity belts, most of which are on Altairboys site. I had many posts on the old LOCKMEUP Site, regrettably long gone. I was one of the early LIS customers and posted on the Altairboy site the first online review of a LIS Belt. Below find links to my review and a couple more reviews of LIS belts, all positive. Unfortunately, as time passed, LIS had production and personnel problems resulting in poor quality and bad customer service. Eventually the assets of the company were sold and it was planned to reorganize the company, restarting production. This never came to pass. The reviews....

http://www.tpe.com/~altarboy/nt070206.htm -My review, written under the name CBelted


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