Danielle's Story - Part 9

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Danielle's Story - Part 9

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Joseph Young turned to Jennifer, saying, “This has gone too far. This has gone way too far. Marcan has nothing to do with this.” Joe sat in the recliner wearing only a harness and the pink chastity device she recognized from his workshop; the one that sat on the rack of spare parts, taunting offenders with the promise of being forced to wear a more humiliating device should they act up.

Danielle looked from Joe Young to Jennifer and then down to her own pelvis. “Why am I here? Is this some sort of orgasmless orgy? What is going on?”

“Oh, she has something to do with this alright,” Jennifer said, ignoring Danielle. “She has a lot to do with this. We wouldn’t be in this position if not for Dani over here fucking me over when all I tried to do was help!”

“Oh, my goodness!” Danielle hollered at Jennifer, momentarily blind to the fact that she was at a significant disadvantage with her hands cuffed behind her. “Are you seriously still going on about that? I thought this weekend was supposed to be about mending our friendship. -Healing and all that jazz.”

“Healing? Not a chance, Marcan. You’re here to punish me.” Joe interjected. “And in the process, you’ll be further punished for the matter between the two of you. She hits two birds with one stone.”

Danielle narrowed her eyes at Jennifer. “Did you lure me here?”

A wrinkled nose marred Jennifer’s attractive face. “Lure is such a strong word. I invited you here, and you came. But you have a job to do while you’re here. You and Joe are going to work together to noodle out some defense for me for some … indiscretions I caused.”

Joe coughed. “Indiscretions? Jennifer, you broke multiple laws. You’re in deep shit whether I’m the one to report you or not.”

Jennifer turned back to Danielle, “And if you can’t figure out a good, believable defense for me to present to the police, then you’re going to confess to the crime. -Or part of it anyway. I’m not cruel.”

Danielle looked confused. “What crime?”

“The bomb threat at the protest,” Joe explained. “That was Jennifer trying to frame you so you’d get more time in your belt. She didn’t feel 5 years was a just punishment.”

Danielle’s eyes widened like saucers. “You did what? You would do that to me? I know you’re angry, but to resort to framing me for a very serious crime? How the hell was that even going to work?”

“It didn’t work, idiot,” Jennifer said wryly.

“It doesn’t sound like I’m the idiot then,” Danielle snapped back.

Jennifer became instantly agitated and she stood up to rummage through a box with Danielle’s name on it. “We’re going to get you dressed in your gear for the weekend. I’ll bet your sass will settle down when you’re all snug in your new digs.” A strappy harness that would cover her body like a bathing suit was laid out on the table along with a pair of cuffs and a collar of the same composite material from her belt. A pair of spike heels with a locking strap were set down next, and a pair of nipple clamps followed by a dildo and a large butt plug were also set down on the table. Seeing the last items, Danielle started to back away slowly, taking small steps as she moved toward the door. She was not going to be able to open the door, but she instinctively wanted to place some distance between herself and the items on the table.

“I’m going to need your help with this, Joe,” Jennifer said as she pulled a set of keys from her pocket; Joe’s keys. It was at that moment that Danielle realized that he was tethered to the sofa. When he was released, Jennifer had his complete compliance. On her urging, Joe retrieved Danielle from the entryway. He was naked except for the collar, harness, and chastity device, and he pulled Danielle into the living room where she would be forcibly dressed as Jennifer deemed fit.

“You’re actually going to assist her?” Danielle asked in a panicked voice.

“She has me at a disadvantage, Marcan. -A serious disadvantage.”

Jennifer laughed, seeming to enjoy the exchange. “Joe’s little chastity cage can be locked onto him for 10 years with no possibility for escape. It doesn’t even have a medical emergency release!”

“Who would design such a thing? You did?”

“I’m kind of regretting it now,” he said wryly. “I was in a fit of rage and I designed what I thought was a belt that would deliver a very serious punishment to a very bad guy; some stock broker who bankrupted hundreds of working families with illegal trading. I couldn’t get the design approved because of the lack of backdoor release for medical emergencies. When I calmed down, I realized it was a bad idea and I left it on the rack to taunt him.”

With a pair of scissors, Jennifer sliced through Danielle’s clothing, stripping her bare except for the devices. “Wow!” Jennifer gushed as she stood back and whistled with appreciation. “Look at that!” She helped herself to Danielle’s body, touching and feeling the belt that was very different from the standard, minimum security belt that she wore. Her gaze travelled down Danielle’s body to the clear shield that covered and displayed Danielle’s sex. Her bald pussy protruded slightly into the dome-shaped, transparent shield, protected from any touch at all. “That’s amazing! I’d bet even if she pressed on the shield really hard with a vibrator, she still wouldn’t get anywhere near her clit.” She knocked on the shield and observed Danielle’s pussy lips pathetically hanging down into the clear well of the cupped design. “Oh, you poor thing!” Jennifer said. “Let’s see if we can make it worse for you!” Jennifer pressed the magnetic key to the composite bra and opened the front, pulling the cups away from her breasts and letting them hang freely. “Clamps, Joe.”

“I’m sorry, Marcan,” he said as he applied the nipple clamps. He tried to make them loose, and received a sharp swat on the ass with a paddle for his efforts.

“You can do better than that,” Jennifer snapped at him. The clamps were tightened and Jennifer gave them each a tug.

“Owwww!” Danielle cried as she bounced in place, trying to distract herself from the searing pain in her nipples. “Please, please, please take them off!” She tried shaking her shoulders to dislodge them, but they were secured tightly.

“Acceptable. Lock her tits back up.”

“The pain is screaming now, but it’ll die down to a low roar, Marcan. You’ll be okay.”

Danielle winced as the clamps pressed up against the hardened cups, digging into her flesh even more. The belt was opened and dropped to the floor. Danielle whimpered and looked to Joe as he selected the anal plug “Please,” she whispered.

Joe looked at her with some pity. “You know the drill, Marcan. Lean over and relax your sphincter.”

Joe smoothed some lubrication on the plug and lined it up against her pucker. “Try to take a deep breath and relax your body. This one is much bigger than the one you’re used to. I’ll go slow.” He eased the intruder in and out, giving Danielle time to adjust to the size. It was stretching her to her max, and her legs shook from the discomfort and pain the plug was causing. “You’re doing great,” he said as he fucked her asshole with the plug using slow, subtle thrusts, driving the plug in deeper each time.

“Oh, for crying out loud, just jam it in there!” Jennifer cried out, growing impatient.

“You want her to tear something? How much more trouble will you be in if she suffers from an injury?”

Jennifer huffed and allowed Joe to continue his work.

Danielle breathed in and out and focused on keeping her backside relaxed. Finally the wide part popped past her ring, seating itself deep inside of her. She called out from the pain, but once it was in, the pain diminished and was replaced by the intense feeling of fullness. The dildo went in next and it had a clever clip that hooked it to the crotch plate when he pulled the belt back up to her waist rather than resting it against the shield where she might be able to gain stimulation by using a strong vibrator to transfer vibrations from the shield to the dildo. She’d never felt more stuffed in all her life and she had to take short, shallow breaths while she adjusted to the feeling.

Jennifer locked the collar and cuffs around Danielle’s neck and wrists and she helped her into the high heels which were then locked around Danielle’s ankles with two matching pad locks. Danielle could barely walk with just the thigh bands, and the addition of the heels made proved to make it so much more difficult. “Would you look at this girl, Joe?” Jennifer said, showcasing Danielle. “Her tits are so sore, and out of reach, and her pussy is slippery, wet with need. She can’t touch a thing because you’re such a good designer!” Joe’s hand instinctively went to his caged cock to rub it, but being denied the privilege of growing, his cock ached with need. Jennifer knew damn well Danielle’s suffering aroused him.


Dinner was a simple affair consisting of canned ravioli and bread which Jennifer could microwave and serve on the floor where she wanted Danielle and Joe to dine. Joe had helped Danielle down to the floor because the intruders in her pelvis and the thigh bands, which Jennifer refused to remove, made movement too difficult to manage on her own. “Could be worse,” Joe said to Danielle when they were handed their dinners. “At least she gave us utensils.”

Jennifer sat herself at the head of the table and addressed them as they quietly ate ravioli from their bowls and sopped up excess sauce with their hunks of sourdough. “How long are you going to keep us here, Jennifer?” Danielle finally asked between bites.

“Let’s try this instead. ‘How long are you going to keep us here, Mistress Jennifer.’” Danielle groaned and repeated the question according to Jennifer’s stated standards. “Perfect! I will call you slave Dani, and slave Joe. -I will be keeping you here until you come up with a viable solution.”
“Mistress, what should happen if the police show up looking for us?”
Jennifer feigned innocence. “Well why ever would they do that, Slave Dani? We’re just 3 very kinky, consenting adults who are on sexless retreat in the woods. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“Consenting?” Danielle asked.

“Consenting,” Jennifer replied in a threatening voice. “So basically, slave Dani, you put me in a bad situation which agitated me and caused me to act irrationally. That places fault in your hands. Slave Joe on the other hand has demonstrated a lack of loyalty to his girlfriend by attempting to turn his girlfriend into the authorities when he knows it could mean a prison sentence for me. I figure that I probably can’t escape added time in the belt, but you can absorb some of the fault. I think my family lawyer can get us both off with added time to our belts and avoid a lengthy prison sentence if you are guilty of part of the events that took place at the protest.”

“It doesn’t work that way,” Joe muttered softly so only Danielle could hear. “Humor her.”

“I see,” Danielle said. “Well, I can agree that I put you in a bad situation which caused you to act irresponsibly.”

“The best-case scenario, of course, would be if you two can think of a way to get us both off the hook. I’ll be reaching out to my lawyer in a few days with our ideas and we’ll see what sticks.”


With dinner over and the dishes cleaned and put away, Jennifer attached a leash to Danielle’s collar and she led her captive to the bathroom and then to the spare bedroom that the girls shared countless times as children. Danielle was placed on one of the beds with straps that hooked onto the many tether points of her harness, keeping her down. Her wrists were padlocked to the rings on her harness near her belly.

“Get on the other bed, Joe.”

Joe groaned and laid down on the bed beside Danielle and he too was firmly strapped down. “It’s bedtime, you two. Instead of telling ghost stories during your sleepover, why don’t you come up with a plan to get me out of this mess? Danielle, you seriously owe me, and Joe, if you don’t, I’ll lock that cock up for a decade.”

Jennifer slammed the bedroom door closed and Danielle and Joe Young remained in total silence in the dark room for a solid minute before Danielle finally asked, “What the fuck is going on here?”

“We are either going to help her get out of the bad situation she put herself in, or our time here will serve as revenge for the wrongs she perceived we did to her.” Joe sighed deeply. “The cluster fuck she put herself into neither of our faults. Jennifer has completely gone off the deep end. She lost and she knows she lost. She’s going scorched Earth on us on her way down.”

“Can she seriously lock you in that thing for 10 years? You really didn’t make an emergency release?”

“She can.” Joe groaned. “I designed it so even I could not release the lock. I was pissed at this offender enough to hatch this plan for him that would enable us to dangle release over his head in a way that went beyond the simple sentence. I wasn’t thinking of consequences or the approval processes from the D.O.C. I was just thinking about getting even.”

“And you don’t want to go cutting that kind of composite off such a sensitive area. Does she have you in for a specific time frame right now?”

“3 weeks at the moment,” Joe said with a sigh.

“I’ll help you, Mr. Young. If it means taking the fall for at least some of the fake bomb threat scheme, then it’s probably what I’m due after putting Jennifer in this position. I’d hate to see another innocent person get locked up, and 10 years is way too long. It’s just wrong.”

“Thank you, Marcan. That means a lot to me, but I won’t allow you to take the fall for a felony charge like that. Jennifer did something wrong, and your having put her in her current circumstances does not alleviate her of guilt for her actions. I’m sure there’s another way.”

In spite of the weighty conversation, the dildo and plug in her ass was distracting Danielle from seriously engaging in conversation about how to get Jennifer off the hook for her wrongdoings. Did Jennifer really expect her to come up with some fabulous, bullet-proof case to explain away Jennifer’s wrongdoing, or was did she really just stuff her holes and leave her in a room with nothing else to focus on as a form of torture? The latter seemed more logical, and so Danielle decided to focus her energy on defeating the system that she’d tried over and over to defeat, except this time she had tools to work with. Tools that were out of her reach, but maybe with enough maneuvering she might pull something off. Her hands were cuffed to her waist, but the chain was long enough to reach down, and she tried to grip the shield and push upward; maybe that can move the dildo just a tiny bit. The belt was so tight that wiggle room just wasn’t an option. She bucked her hips as much as she could, as if doing so would move the dildo inside of her just enough to get some sensation on her clit.

“I doubt that’ll work,” Joe said. “I’m good at what I do.”

“Too good!” Danielle snapped back.

“You haven’t orgasmed in that thing yet, have you?”

“No!” She snapped and he chuckled at her. “Stuff it, Mr. Young!”

“Oh please, please, Marcan. Let’s just be on a first name basis. I mean, you’ve seen me at my absolute lowest point, basically naked, and I’ve seen you at yours, definitely naked. We’re in this together, so let’s just be allies. Okay, Danielle?”

After a long pause, Danielle responded, “Okay, Joe. Allies.”

“And you’re right, Danielle. I shouldn’t be delighting in your misery when I’m facing the possibility of 10 years myself.”

“Are you even submissive?” Danielle asked, changing the subject. “How did she even get that on you?”

“Sometimes I’m submissive,” Joe admitted. “Usually not. I’m really just a sadist, but I can enjoy playing on the other end of things. I’m not a lifestyle guy. Adam Grant is a lifestyle guy. I recommended your pairing because you tested well with material like that. I thought his presence would frustrate you sexually… and it has. I didn’t take into consideration that he’d like you back.”

“So he does like me?”

“Oh, he’s crazy about you. He’s never told me outright, but I could tell. -The way he inquires about your well being and protects you from anything too harsh. He likes you alright.”

“Well, what about this report of sexual harassment?”

“Oh that?” Joe asked rhetorically. “That’s just a nutcase who misinterpreted Grant’s intent. It wouldn’t surprise me to hear Jennifer had her thumb in that pie as well. They had group therapy together. Jennifer has been trying to sabotage you and your happiness from day one. When I first met her, I thought she was merely disgruntled, but I started to realize she was acting on her anger in very destructive ways. That’s how you and I ended up here, in her torture cabin in the woods.”

It was a miserable night for both of them. Joe had trouble falling asleep as his mind constantly wandered to his locked-up cock and all of the ways things might go horribly wrong and he ends up in the cage for 10 years or longer. He needed to get the key and also the controller to release himself, and even with those things, he’d have to wait for the timer to count down. Danielle had trouble sleeping because of the nipple clamps grinding at her breasts, and the intruders in her pussy and ass. She was so incredibly horny that her hips were intuitively humping the air as if the mere movement of her body would somehow get the dildo to move in and out. Joe had to admit to himself that it made him feel hot watching Danielle writhe in need, blocked by the devices he designed and locked onto her. Were they not in their current circumstances, he’d need to rub one out from watching her mounting, unrequited frustrations.

Relief came to neither of them.

Adam Grant drove to Danielle’s apartment and he knocked on her door at 8:00 AM, Saturday morning. He wanted to catch her before she went out for the day. After several minutes of knocking, she still hadn’t come to the door.

[Offer A. Grant 8:11 AM] Barry, I’m at Danielle Marcan’s apartment, and she’s not answering her door. I’m still blocked from her account. Can you please message her? I’m starting to worry something has happened.

[B. Raskin 8:15 AM] Will do. I’m sure it’s fine.

After another few minutes, Adam’s heart fell into his stomach as he heard the familiar sound of her ring tone coming from within the apartment.

[Officer A. Grant 8:23 AM] Her phone is in her apartment, but she’s not answering. This is out of character.

[B. Raskin 8:30 AM] I dispatched some officers to search her apartment. Do not enter until they have given you the all-clear.

[Officer A. Grant 8:31 AM] Understood. Thank you, sir.

The officers arrived with the keys that Danielle had furnished the D.O.C. with so they could enter her home at will. At least they didn’t have to wait for a warrant to enter, Grant thought.

After a few moments, the officers emerged. “It looks like the apartment has been prepared for a vacation,” one of the officers said. “The bed is made, the shades are closed, and there are no open containers of food in the fridge.”

“Whose phone is this?” Grant asked after he’d been invited to enter. The unfamiliar device sat beside the one he knew to be Danielle’s. “We don’t know. Could be she had two phones, one for work.”

“We’re thinking she went to some kind of retreat where you disconnect for awhile.”

Grant’s muscles visibly relaxed. “That’s very plausible,” he said, relief in his voice. They left the phones where they found them and locked the apartment back up. He’d check in on her Monday. All was likely perfectly fine.
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Re: Danielle's Story - Part 9

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Very nice continuation. I look forward to seeing how this plot continues.
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Re: Danielle's Story - Part 9

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Klodak71 wrote: 30 Jan 2024, 16:26 Very nice continuation. I look forward to seeing how this plot continues.
Thank you for the kind words as always!
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Re: Danielle's Story - Part 9

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I really appricate this story. I'm looking forward to part 10.
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Re: Danielle's Story - Part 9

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The story has me waiting for the next part... and the next one. Please continue.

Thanks for the excellent writing!
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