Jill Becomes a Slave

Female chastity story by: Ponce


Jill was a beautiful 26 year old with long dark, wavy hair, 5'8 slender build with a firm rear and large breasts. She lives alone in a 2-bedroom apartment. An accountant for a local hospital, she meets plenty of men. They were all more interested in her perfect body than getting to know her. Men starred at her constantly where ever she went. She often fantasized about being with a man but was too shy to talk to most.

Jill was at home reading in bed when someone knocked at the door. It was a deliveryman, she asked him to leave the package in the hall. After he left, she opened the door a retrieved a large box. It was a plain brown cardboard box, with no writing or return address. It was made out to the resident of apartment 2B.

Jill took the box into her room and sat on the edge of the bed to open it. She removed the wrapping and pulled out a heavy shinny steel contraption. It had a circular band made of 1 1/2 inch stainless steel that was open on one end. Coming off the circular part was a U shape piece of steel that connected in the front and back. In the front was a 2-inch slit covered by a metal plate with tiny holes in it. In the back was a 1-inch diameter hole.

Jill studied the device carefully turning it every which way to inspect it more carefully. It looked like a steel panty. Inside was a metal post 4 inches long and 1 inch in diameter, connected to the panty by a thin metal rod. The post had bands around it like it was made from separate pieces of metal. Jill set the device down and looked in the box. Inside were a small white bottle and an envelope that said "key to chastity belt". Jill felt her pussy melt as she read the words. She had never been into bondage but the thought of a chastity belt made her hornier than she had ever felt. She quickly removed the envelope and opened it. Inside was a letter. Jill pulled the letter open as her heart beat faster and faster, thumping out of her chest. The letter read:


    here is your new chastity belt. I have always wanted to own you. You are so beautiful the thought of being in complete control of your sex makes my blood boil. I would like you to shave your pussy smooth then apply the cream in the white bottle to it. The cream will tingle but it will help sooth the irritation of shaving your juicy mound. Rub the cream in completely then slip the belt over your hips, guide the post carefully into your nether region. It should slip in easily as I am sure you are quite lubricated by now. Once you have the belt above your hips pull the ends of the waistband together, slip the post on the one end into the hole in the other and slip the lock over the post. The key needs to be in to slip the lock on the post. It will be easiest if you watch in the mirror as you work the lock.

The belt fascinated Jill. The thought of being locked up under someone else's control made her wild. The thought of trying on the belt made her excited and scared.

She picked up the belt and pushed the ends together over the post as the letter described. Then she tried to push the lock on, but it would not fit. She carefully inserted the key and tried again. The key turned easily in the lock but snapped back when released. By turning the key and slipping the lock on the post it was possible to secure the lock and remove the key. The owner of the belt was right it would be easier watching in the mirror. Jill placed the belt back on the bed it was too weird to put the belt on. She placed everything back in the box, and put the box on the desk she took off her robe and climbed under the covers.

The satin sheets were cold on her naked body. She always slept naked. As she snuggled down in and pulled the covers up tight around her neck her thoughts went back to the belt. Why had someone sent her the keys and the belt? Who had sent her the belt anyway? Who wanted to own her? The thought was very exciting. Being owned by someone. Unable to touch her sex or give it to anyone. Her head was spinning from the thoughts.

As she reached up to turn out the light she saw the box lying on the desk. "Shave your pussy" She had never shaved her pussy. Well just the sides so the hair would not show in her bathing suit. But shave her whole pussy, the thought made her feel giddy. Over come by the idea she pulled back the covers and climbed out of bed. Turning around, she looked at her self in the full-length mirror. What would it be like to shave all the hair off? Jill placed her hand over her mound and looked at the skin color, why not? It would grow back anyway.

Having decided to give it a try she started the shower running and climbed in the tub. As the warm water soaked her skin she took the shaving cream from the edge of the tub and lathered her pussy, the feeling was unbelievable. She started to tremble as she carefully, shaved the hair on her mound. Stepping with one leg on the edge of the tub, she pulled the lips of her pussy to the side and shaved toward her leg. First one side then the other. A couple more swipes on the top and under her legs and there were no more hairs visible. Jill ran her finger around her pussy; it felt so strange to be bald there. She turned off the water and grabbed her towel from the rack.

She patted dry then rubbed the water from her now hairless mound. The skin was pink and irritated. She remembered the bottle that came with the belt. Walking back into the bedroom she picked the bottle from the box and read the label. "Smooth Skin Shaving Lotion", Rub into area to sooth irritated skin. She poured a generous blob into her hand, then worked her hands together and rubbed the lotion all around her pussy above behind and between her legs. After a few seconds she noticed what the sender meant. It did tingle, actually it kind of burned. Then the skin went sort of numb as the lotion dried. She went back to the full-length mirror and admired her smooth clean pussy. She parted her outer labia and inspected the edges. Nice and clean not a hair anywhere. Her pussy was hot and wet from the event, her clit was swollen and each touch made her shudder.

What an experience. She had never felt this way before. She turned several times to see her pussy from every angle. She was so completely naked. Then she noticed the box in the mirror. She had to try it on. Why not? She had the key what was the problem. She would try the belt on, and remove it if she did not like it. She walked tenuously over to the desk, picked up the belt and the key. The key slipped easily into the lock, with a gentle turn the lock popped off the post. She laid the lock with the key in it on the desk.

With the belt in her left hand she carefully popped the end of the waistband over the post and let the metal spring open. The belt wanted to stay open. It had to be forced closed. The metal cover with holes unhooked from the front plate, revealing the thin slit. Laying the cover in the box she grasped the belt with both hands like a panty, and bending down she slipped one leg in and then the other. She pulled the belt up above her knee then stopped. Holding the belt between her legs she moved her left hand to the front of the waistband and her right hand to the post inside.

She raised the belt and guided the post into her pussy. The metal felt very cold as it slowly glided into her. She pulled her hand out of the belt and grasped the back of the waistband. She stood poised then slowly raised the belt she shuddered and convulsed as the post buried into her. She continued to pull until the waistband was above her hips and the post was completely inside of her.

She stopped and shook slightly as the cold metal touched her hairless pussy. The feeling was without compare. The post was buried inside her hot wet pussy. Her lips slipped down and protruded through the slit in the front of the belt. She could feel the cold steel pushing against her throbbing clit. The belt made her tingle all over. She sat down slowly on the edge of the bed and squirmed around in the belt feeling the juices flow as the post moved inside her.

She reached her hand in the front of the belt and felt her clit, rubbing it and rolling it in her index finger and thumb. Her pussy was drenched, she forced the front of the belt out and let her lips pull out of the slit, and with her index finger she carefully probed her pussy, feeling the rod then the fatter portion of the post. She slid her finger into her pussy next to the post. She could feel the fibrous rings of her vagina. The metal post rolled against her flesh as she moved her finger around to probe the post. Her juices gurgled and sloshed as she moved her finger.

Never before had she been so turned on. Never had her juices flowed so freely. She withdrew her finger, smelled it carefully then licked it clean. This was awesome. She grasped the belt on the side with her left hand slowly stood up and walked to the desk. With both hands she carefully fitted the end with the hole over the end with the post and pulled the ends of the belt closed. She held the assembly closed with her right hand and walked to the mirror. As she walked the post probed her vagina, each step was a new sensation of ecstasy. Her pussy was squeezed thru the slit and the post buried deep inside her. The slit in the front plate ended in a hole that just allowed her clit to peek through.

She turned and twisted around admiring the belt in the mirror. A feeling of complete contentment came over her the belt felt heavenly to wear. She turned and walked back to the desk and retrieved the lock and key. With the key in the lock she carefully fit the lock onto the post, watching in the mirror she rotated the lock and twisted the key as she had before, the lock lined up with the groove and slid home with a gentle click. The key then easily rotated back to the resting position, and she pulled it from the lock. The lock fit flush with the side of the waistband.

The belt was locked on, she laid the key on the desk, twisted and turned the belt fit very tight and moved with her every move. She squatted down and felt he belt pull against her waist as she strained to slowly drop and rise again. Rubbing her hand on the front of the belt she could feel her lips. Rubbing her hand up and down she felt herself in the belt. She pressed her hand against the front of the belt flattening her lips against the front shield rubbing her hands up and down she easily brought herself to a strong climax, her pussy contracted against the post, she leaned against the wall with the other hand her legs trembling as wave after wave of orgasm hit her.

She breathed hard as the orgasm subsided she straightened up. As she walked back to the desk she felt the warm fluids running down her thighs. She reached into the box and retrieved the final piece. A curved piece of steel with 3 rows of tiny holes and 4 fingers one on each corner. She took the piece returning to the mirror she lined up the fingers with the 4 holes on the front shield of the belt and carefully pushed the piece home. It slid into the front shield and made a series of click sounds as the 4 fingers mated with the front shield. She took her hand and rubbed the front of the belt, all she felt was the tiny holes she could no longer feel here sex.

The belt was very tight and moved with her, she was unable to move inside the belt, she could only feel the intrusion of the post, no amount of wiggling could make the post move within her. She walked to the bathroom and started the shower. She let the water run over her body head to toe, as she washed her crouch she could feel only the foreign material over her sex the cloth touched only hard steel never her soft flesh. It felt very strange to wash there but not feel anything. She dried slowly feeling the belt letting her wander as she dried, the belt was so erotic, she felt so horny but no amount of rubbing could ease the need.

Jill turned to hang the towel as the phone started to ring. She ran into the bedroom and jumped onto the bed. The belt fit so perfectly she was completely unencumbered to move. She pulled back the covers and slid into the bed as she picked up the phone. She squirmed down into the bed nuzzling the cold satin sheets to her hot body as she softly said "hello" A mechanical sounding computer generated voice greeted her.

"Hello Jill - I am very pleased you decided to try on the belt"

Her heart stopped at the sound. Her hand instinctively went to the front plate, which was still covering her sex. Her voice cracked as she utter a meek what?

You know the belt that came today, your wearing it right now. "Who is this she insisted",

"Your owner" the voice replied.

"Excuse me " she retorted.

"I am the person who sent you the belt your permanently bald, steel encased pussy belongs to me, I will decide what you do from this time forward."

"Right " Jill replied you sent me the key along with the belt, I can take the belt off anytime I please.

"Actually the key I sent you can only lock the belt not unlock it.

"What" Jill sat bolt upright as she screamed into the phone. "I tested the key it opened the lock fine!

"Yes it does" the voice replied, "If you turned the key clockwise to lock it, If you looked in the mirror you turned the key counter clockwise and locked the belt so that your key will not open it."

"I don't believe you" Jill cried.

"See if you can feel this" Jill squealed as a burst of electricity pushed her to a rapid strong climax. She immediately started shaking and panting as the orgasm rocked her with wave after wave of excitement.

"I'll take that as a yes" the voice replied. Then the phone went silent.

"Hello, Hello" Jill shouted into the dead phone. As she recovered from the orgasm she pulled the covers over her head and cried, "No this can't be happening". She felt completely violated, and stupid. She jumped from the bed and scrambled to the desk. The key was in the lock being turned frantically within a second. She tried desperately to open the lock, it was no use, the lock would not open, for first time she noticed the lock did seat much further into the waistband than it had during the test.

My God the realization came over her. She was trapped in a solid steel chastity belt with a metal rod sticking inside her. She grabbed a flashlight and a hand mirror. Sitting on the bed in the wet spot she had made earlier while exploring the belt, she shown the light into the front cover of the belt. Looking with the mirror she could see her trapped pussy, her lips sticking pathetically thru the slit as if searching for a way out. She could see her clit peering down from its hole, and the thin metal rod disappearing into here slimy neither region.

What had she done? How could she have been so stupid? She jumped up and grabbed the key again, frantically trying to open the lock. It was no use. She dropped the key to the floor, with her feet apart and her knees together she dropped her head to her knees and cried. What is he or she going to do to me? How did they cause me to have an orgasm over the phone? What did they mean by permanently bald pussy?

Jill crawled up to the pillow and laid her head down. She buried her face in the pillow, she could smell the perfume she had worn that day on her pillow. She lay on her stomach squirming her hips around on the bed. Her sex felt isolated from her she could not feel anything. She desperately wanted to touch herself, but that was not possible. She laid face down on the bed until she started to get cold. Shaking herself awake she slid under the covers and shivered as she settled down into the cold satin sheets. She placed her hand over her sex for one last convincing feel.